Sunday, December 20, 2009


Another 1 month and a half I will be unemployed for 3 weeks and start my new career at 1 of the financial institution in Malaysia. Only one word to describe the first day, Newbie! I hate being newbie. You have to start all over again and you are alone. As i recalled, I tried to avoid this newbie environment at the past.

Maybe to some, its a common thing and nothing to shout about but to me, damm, its a thing! No friends, don't know what to do..

When you think about it, It same with 1st day of marriage at your in-law house. Huh! terrifying. As a newbie, you will faking yourself and it is damm torturing. Smile to everyone, be polite even though you feel like smack his/her face, Laughing to his/her stupid joke even though its not funny, accept everything with open heart. This sort of feeling make me feel far away from marriage, hehe...

Sighh..Last time, the first week as a newbie was like hell!(my current job). 1st week, I don't have a table, no laptop, and no specific assignment/task been assign to me. Almost few hour, someone will say to me "This is my seat, please seat over there..." To make thing worst, I've been sent to JB for a week, with no laptop and all new faces, 24 by 7..

Pool car from KL with stranger to Jb with stranger, and stay in a apartment with new meet colleagues. I supposed to have a ToT(Transfer of Tech.) from one of the staff that are leaving(also newly met and stay with me at the apartment). But this guy is Lansi! Even though he is younger than me, act like a damm big shot. Spoke without facing you with the arrogant tone of voice. As being me, I want to take my right hand and put it on his face with speed of 280km/h but realizing that I'm a newbie and his knowledge is my objective, i just put my right hand in my pocket.

Well, "a man got to do, what he got to do" so face it! By hook or by crook. Whatever it is, I have few more weeks, so, as Donnie Brasco said "Forget about it"..

vCoke - Subang Jaya Dec 20th 2009.

Friday, December 04, 2009

"Another year gone by"

Giggling.... that what i do just now when i browse back my blog after few months since my last post...Recent post was 6 month ago..and 2nd last post was end of I'm posting back in year end of 2009..

Facebook make me lazy to update my blog..but hey, admit it, Facebook is a powerful tool..people freely provided their own info without a doubt. It become a trend. Telcos and phone company takes advantages of this to bundle up their products and gain money out of it..Now, event though it a social network kind of app., this app. which created by Harvard student(Mark Zuckerberg) has been a powerful medium for communication which is key point for all aspect especially businessman.. Looking at it, honestly as one of so called "web-based developer" previously, i feel kinda frustrated because the idea was never come in this head. It just a simple web-based tools. While me busy trying new technology back then, other people already makes million out of it.

Well, what ever it is, year 2009 almost end. And as usual, I will look back what I've achieve so far and how my life through out year 2009. Well, 2009 not a good year I think. But lot i've learn, lot of drastic action taken but most of them more contribute to experience. Experience wise yes, most of it were good experience after go through some bad path.

Financial wise, not good. A lot of thing that I done not really doing well. maybe because of economic crisis this year and people afraid to spend their money. Or maybe, because of lack of experience. However, postmortem has been done and some point has been take note. Basically, we have another 26(+-) days to 2010. Still, have some space to get ready to spin the wheel for 2010 and make some fortune out of it.

When financially not so good, stress is on top of your head, and give impact your health. That what happened to me. One of my good friends says "Biasa la bro, dalam hidup ada Up and Down" in his Sabahan slang. Yeah, that's normal right.But. Few month back my level of Morality were at the below par state. It makes me always in blues mood. Sleep all day, not interested to go to work...

Now recovering...Move on...ok, stop all this sad stories. Time to think ahead..

vCoke -04 Dec 2009-

Thursday, June 18, 2009


This is the the fifth time i try to post something...Been while from my previous post..skang nak update blog not sure what to write even though lot to tell.

"I don't want to regret when i'm old saying that why I don't try this or that while I can..."

This so called quote said by one of my work related friend. She's early 40s, i guess. Quiet motivated person. I find this interesting. This thing comes out when she start asking bout my diving activities recently. She had asthma which quiet serious therefore most of dive center advice her not to dive. However, she's not giving up. Now, she try to make her lung stronger by learn how to swim etc..which I'm not sure it's gonna help. But I'm quiet impressed with the motivation and the spirit.

What trigger me is,she's try not to be so common like common people. The overall cycle is = school-uni-work-get married-kids-get old-die....Is your choice how you want to run the show. Either to follow exactly or side track a bit. Admit it, most people just like live the routine life which most of the Malaysian do,living in their comfort zone...and the question is where is the spice when you know what will happen. Then the famous quote comes "Living the life to the fullest..."..are you? Am I?

Actually, as for me, I'm not really triggered to do what I've done, by my college quote but Yes, I'm try to live life to the fullest. Explore the land, the sea and the sky(next) but of course within my competency.

Some people do things they do for pleasure and some for survival. During my bike trips to Thailand, I can see that Thailand people live their live that not normal routine life,but because of survival which what they do is improving life, individually. Yes, some we can see in the movie, but experiences it a different thing. Not complaining, but from the experiences of living here I can see that most of us will stay static at one point of life and continuous living the life until the end.

However, i think most of the new gen, already start go out and "exploring" which to me it is a good sign for "mental development".

But hey, it is your choice.

vCoke-School of thought-

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"6 feet under"

Almost everyday you heard people die, but not everyday you buried them yourself.

Last week my uncle passed away due to kidney and heart complication...He died on 3rd March 2009 7.25 p.m, and the funeral before 'zuhur', the next day...Honestly, i'm not too close with arwah. I went the next day during the funeral...

After arwah has been 'kapan', they took him to surau for sembahyang jenazah, then we start our car driving to the Muslim cemetery....When we arrived, a 6 feet hole already been dig and there is one old guy standing inside the hole.

"Sorang yang muda masuk sini"....asking for a young man to join him inside the hole.....Supposed to be my cousin, but he nowhere to be found at that time, and my father quickly ask me to go inside.

Drop my sandal, and i slowly jump into the hole. That time i realize how small is the grave were..Me and the oldman inside standing already seems pack. This is not the first time I went to a funeral, but this is the 1st time i went inside the grave.

"Bila jenazah sampai kang, sambut punggung die"...told the old guy to me...and I'm just node my head...And when arwah arrive, me and the old man slowly place him inside the grave, ofcourse with the old man guidance...arwah had been placing lean back to the wall and slowly we drop the all the soil back into it place....

I'm not sure why i'm writing this, but that day when I'm inside the grave, it really meant something, or feel something... Next 2 days, my colleuege's father, also passed away due to heart complication.

Live is short, so do something meaningfull instead of waste it..

- Al-Fatihah for Uncle Wahid & Zubir Ali-

-vCoke /J.b-

Thursday, January 01, 2009


When I writing this, 2008 already over, 2009 come in the picture...

No celebration for me, not really into it. Living in KL, New Year is more like bad traffic + noise + Malaysian youth busy partying to me.

Me, sitting in front of my IBM's notebook, trying to finish my freelance job. Starting 1st Jan 2009 i will officially held my new post. Means more responsibility + more works. Means less freelance job + less ride.
Kind of headache but try to fit in.

Just few hours back, I'm sitting down with my mentor. Having a serious chat bout future plan, looking back what happened during 2008. Did we achieve our target and so on...It's been while since we have our serious talk....

Looking back, I realized, 2008 more like 'enjoy' year. Yup, i achieve certain target, but I totally forget bout financial aspect which i could do better. Financial planning is damm important. Yeah, is a basic thing but the question is, do you really do it right?.

"You still believe that you can be a millionaire?" sitting next to me, asking me a killer question while I'm driving his 4 wheel towards our 'meeting' make me wait a few moment before answering his question. Yes, I posted similar like this 6 months back titled Resurrection but still not really moving as i expected. It take a lot of gut/envy/ to make a move.. 2008, no single sales for my bizz at all.. I even close my company for that.

As his question, he believe that he can be a millionaire when he reached 35 years old which now his age is same as me, and of course with some justification. Yup, it's possible. Actually to me 2008 is a wasted for my financial planning. I'm busy with spending money rather than gain wealth. Is not that toward becoming 'hamba duit' but lake of consciousness and I wasted few opportunities that I supposed to grab. But shit happened and what past is past, now I'm looking for the future.

Already set my target for start, mid and of year 2009, and fucking try to make it into reality. This is for my financially specifically. As for other 'thing' this year is more like a moment of truth. Ride with me or left behind...

This entry supposed to up during Awal Muharam since it is new chapter for all muslim but since I'm quite tight with my daily rutine, so this covered Awal Muharam and New Year...

Happy New Year 2009 with rahmat & taqwa!

-vCoke, New Year Eve 2009-

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Testing 123"

Due to standard theme colour of my bike, silver with blue stripe, I decide to paint it with new colour before i proceed with bobber bike project. So decided to D.I.Y and pearl white is the colour.

So 1st step, strip down the bike :

And it will look like this :

Then use sand paper to take out the lacquer surface :

Before spray anything, make sure you cover all the crack, hole etc with sealant, in this case i use fiber sealant :

Then, gosok again till the surface really smooth:

Next step, spray with primer coat :

Then based colour, white..pure white :


Remember, do not spray anything during night time or raining time else you will have to use hair dryer like me to speed up the process (thanks Neuqe Naq for the hair dryer :P)....

Then it's time for the pearl white colour:

Tips, jangan mengatal-gatal nak usik cat yang belum kering, or else, you have to repeat the same process again..I've learn my lesson..


End of day one, and time to sleep......

Last step assemble it back and you done!

Thanks to Master Paint , Sylbi for great spray technics, Neq Naq for hospitality and time sacrificing, and Master Signature, Mr. Lipas...

Thursday, December 11, 2008


"Apehal ramai gile orang kat Petronas nih" mind keep asking as i went to Petronas Bukit Antarabangsa for refuel my bike, on my way back to my apartment..I saw police, ambulance and bomba's cars rushing in....

"Ade rumah terbakar kot.." me, guessing...Finished refuel, ride back to home and went to sleep...

9.30 a.m, my phone rang...

"Woi! lain kali call angkat la..ko idup lagi?" ask Jamil...

"WTF! idup la wei..apesal?" me, replied..

"Aku dengar ade landslide kat Bukit Antarabangsa? Ko dekat kan?" replied Jamil...

Then I know landslide happened at Bukit Antarabangsa, almost 1 kilo from where i stayed..I received few phone calls asking bout my safety...from the calls i know that there are still people who care bout me..hahaha...I also called few people that stay at Bukit Antarabangsa asking for their safety, thank god they all safe.

Woke up, took a quick bath and went to Sg. Buloh to pick up my new bike...damm relief....stop by at my biker friend's house and start do some modification on bike... than i received a sms saying that our company setup a relief center at Bukit Antarabangsa due to the tragedy and need some volunteer..On the way back, I stop by at the relief center, give some help if needed.

As for what i saw, the landslide quite bad..14 houses were crushed by the landslide..3 people died and 15 was chaos due to the only road for go in and out into the area were blocked by the landslide, make 3000 to 4000 other residences stranded. Electricity and water supplied were cut bad, a lot of people trying to help but still there are some bastards trying to gain profit(eg. 1 mamak restaurant in the area raise up their prices during the tragedy)....

As per telecast by the media, including this incident, that area(which currently where i stayed right now) is prone to landslides. Almost 15 incidents happened starting from Highland Tower tragedy on Dec 1993...

For pic, just google it...

Sekian, vCoke melaporkan dari Ulu Kelang area...I think I'll start looking for a new place to stay..